PROJECT: Always Daisies

This is a project to make cute flower embellishments to be used on Kindness Boxes or a handmade card.

Step 1: Using any firm colored paper you have (I used paint sample swatches!), cut out 3 small, 3 medium, and 3 large hearts.
Step 2: Put your project on wax paper or tin foil and arrange your large hearts as shown. Put a glob of white craft glue in the center.
Step 3: Place your medium hearts as shown and add dot of glue in the center.
Step 4: Set the small hearts on the glue, making sure to rotate each layer of petals so that they are offset from each other. Set glob of glue in center and top with a jewel, button or anything you’d like in the center of your flower. Let dry and then peel off of the wax paper.

A little background on why I named this project “Always Daisies”.

I grew up with such a fabulous mom. She was sunny, happy and silly. She loved her daughters fiercely and did all she could to make sure we knew how special we were. When I was a teenager, I wanted to give my mom a special gift. I went to a jewelry store, and using my babysitting money, I bought my mom a bracelet. Engraved on it are the words “Always Daisies”. When I gave it to her, I explained that when I think of her I think of beautiful wild flowers that spread color, happy, and joy wherever they grow.

As some of you know, I lost my mom to cancer when I was 33. I had a two year old daughter, Emerson, and newborn Elliot. Loosing her was so hard. It’s sad to think that my girls won’t get the chance to grow up knowing their amazing grandma.

As I was going through my mom’s jewelry, I ran across the “Always Daisies” bracelet I had given her and I had to laugh because it felt like my mom was telling me that she was alright. There is still happiness and beauty everywhere! Life can truly be “always daisies” if you try to find the good.

So, that’s why I named this project “Always Daisies” because Mother’s Day has just come and gone and I was missing her. I know they aren’t actual daisies- but I don’t care! They’re fun! 😉

With that, I introduce you to the queen of kindness and ridulousness, Paula Thomason, The Cowgirl- My mom.

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